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Wilrieke Sophia : Polyamory / Non-monogamy / Open Relating

February 11, 2019 Wilrieke Sophia Season 2 Episode 32
The Sensuality Empowerment Show
Wilrieke Sophia : Polyamory / Non-monogamy / Open Relating
Show Notes

I get to discuss a topic that I have been wanting to talk about for some time, ever since I became curious with my sexuality a few years ago. I admit, I went through a phase in my life, exploring whether I could enter an open relationship. I did a lot of research into polyamory, I spoke to friends who had open relationships and I had flings with men who held multiple partners. The more dropped into the rabbit hole, the more questions I had. The first big questions I had to ask myself, was WHY? Why did I feel the need to have an open relationship? Was this my nature OR was I just wanting to experiment with myself, test my values and belief systems around monogamy. 

Today, you get to listen to a great conversation with a women who is very insightful around this topic - non-monogamy.  Wilrike Sophia is a woman who has been exploring her sexuality with open relating - non monogamy. She talks openly of her journey to opening her heart and arms to many partners while in a long term relationship, the father to her children. They embarked on a journey of personal growth - sharing herself with many lovers. This offered her a lot of freedom, variety, excitement and also an opportunity to heal her limiting beliefs and fears that became triggered along the way....

Wilrieke believes anyone can have an open relationship, if you willing to be curious, explore yourself, have flexibility and be prepared for not having a format. Unlike monogamy, there is no format because when you leave the standard paradigm of relating, there is no guide book. There is no one way of doing things so you want to ensure you do this in a healthy way, knowing yourself really well - being able to know when you feel unsafe - communicating your fears, boundaries or putting an agreement in place with your partners.  

She speaks about the difference between our comfort zone and terror zone - knowing when you are in your window of tolerance and the window of your comfort zone - how we need to have a lot of compassion so we are not pushing our nervous system.  This is such a goodie!

So many great tips and advice to ensure you feel safe and ready to explore open relating.

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Jenni is the Creator & Teacher of The Fembodiment™ Method. She is a Women’s Self-Empowerment Holistic S€xuality Coach and Couples S£x & Intimacy Coach. Jenni is incredibly passionate about supporting and empowering women/couples to thrive in life through pleasure & intimacy and helping people to reclaim their s€xuality.

For a woman in her 60’s, Jenni is an embodiment of her work, truly leading by example - living her life in pleasure and freedom. Jenni covers so much in this conversation, I may have to do a part 2. She talks about the impact stress has on the body, nervous system and how this transfers across to our pleasure and intimacy with ourself and partner.

Jenni offers great tips on how to reduce stress and come back to a state of presence, through pleasure & s€x. We discuss how to come back to the body when we are feeling lazy or disconnected from ourselves. She encourages people to get curious by investing in s€x toys! This is a juicy conversation....

Jenni walks us through her training, programs on offer and what women can expect when they participate on this deep and transformative journey. There are so many great take aways in this interview which no doubt will have you feeling inspired & perhaps make the time for self pleasure dates.

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